The Good Word Project is a collaborative effort, divinely planted in the hearts of four women in two different states. From Dallas, Texas to Cincinnati, Ohio, we are connected by a sisterhood in Christ, a passion for encouraging women and a desire to live fully and purposefully, loving God and others.

With a deep appreciation for the value and power of words, along with the desire to be obedient to a calling, Erin Schreyer finally shared the concept of The Good Word project on Facebook after weeks of feeling nudged to start something. Miraculously and mysteriously, as the Lord often works, Kristie Sheanshang responded to Erin that she, too, was being called in almost the exact same way. It was a moment (God-wink!) of awe and wonder that won’t soon be forgotten…but the initial seeds had been planted much earlier. Kristie and Jen Murphy had already been brainstorming ideas and considering possibilities, and Erin and Julie Hildebrand had already collaborated and spoken often about their common love of writing and encouraging. It was with ease and faith that our foursome came together, and we are full of hope and great expectation to see what the Lord will do through us and this project.

How it will work: each month, we will write once weekly about one chosen word. We will rotate authorship, so each word will be written about from four different perspectives. Many of the monthly words have been requested by friends and connections. We believe every word is being given to us to inspire, equip, encourage and strengthen women in their lives and faith. Each word and each blog post will be written only after much prayer, discernment and careful effort from our team. We are taking this seriously and count it a privilege that you might come visit our blog and find refreshment (and possibly even share it too!)

We know good things happen when women come together. We also know that where two or more gather in His name, He is there. (Matthew 18:20) We eagerly invite His presence, guidance, grace and lavish love, and we earnestly pray that you receive more of Him and His Goodness each time you visit us.

May this blog be a well to many, and may we each drink in all He has for us. One word at a time.

With much love,

Erin, Kristie, Jen and Julie